UpcDownC, Spite House and Aeroplane Flies High

March 8, 2013

February’s Motherboy night featured the band who made me realise Medway had something to offer in terms of decent music some years ago. I’ve been a fan of UpcDownC’s beautiful post rock madness since about 2005 and we finally got around to booking them and seeing them in an intimate venue where their wall of sound could truly be appreciated.

Support came in the form of Liverpool grungers Aeroplane Flies High, who, despite their youth, made an impressively tight noise complete with wonderfully enthusiastic drumming. They went down a storm in the little basement of the Singapora Lounge.

Openers Spite House feature Tom from Motherboy favourites Thee Cuss Words. Tom’s one of my favourite drummers to watch; so fluid and amazingly fast, a great performer. He’s the perfect complement to the spiky riffs provided by former Georgia Asphalt members Cawreigh and Muckrel.

Motherboy Feb15 2013




One Response to “UpcDownC, Spite House and Aeroplane Flies High”

  1. Was supposed to be the Sans Pareil but they’ve had to postpone, so we got Spite House to stand in.

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