We’re delighted to be working alongside Medway Eyes, TEA Concerts and Suburban Kings on this one and the line-up is, quite frankly, as Medway Eyes put it, ruddy marvellous.


Please note, this gig is now at The Singapora Lounge, Rochester. Still free entry.

Unicorndad vrs Robodad:
Marvellous mathy garage rock all the way from Hastings.

Punching Swans
Mainly from Medway, featuring members from Houdini, Frau Pouch and the Explorers Collective, Punching Swans made BBC Kent Introducing’s Record of the Week with their track ‘OCD’.

Gus Fring are a Canterbury based 3 piece with an awesome name and have just released this splendid little thing.

The Reactor Core is Splendid (TRCiS)
Well observed witticisms over disjointed noise.

Venue: the Singapora Lounge, Rochester
Entry: Free
Bands start at 8.15

Motherboy June 2013 maybe

Awesome downtuned heavy punk from Medway band featuring former members of Let Our Enemies Beware.

Spite House
Ex-Cuss Words and ex-Georgia Asphalt members playing some splendidly mathy punk rock.

Better Weather
Mathy emo for fans of alligators and tambourines. With bonus trumpet!

This event is FREE entry and will take place in the basement of the Singapora Lounge, High Street, Rochester, Kent.

Music finishes by 11.30pm, so get down early!