21st June: Ragweed, Mourning Birds, Frau Pouch

June 11, 2013



Noise rock gig. Free entry.

Scuzzy surf rock from Brighton

Mourning Birds
Intentionally vague 3 piece from Medway

Frau Pouch
Bill fill fodder from Medway, playing post punk disco.


One Response to “21st June: Ragweed, Mourning Birds, Frau Pouch”

  1. This turned out to be quite eventful.In the previous week, several venues across Rochester had been hit with noise abatement orders and visits from the council regarding noise levels. We turned up to the venue to be told that they were due an environmental health inspection. Cue me running around like a lunatic begging the bands to keep their volume down as a failure to pass the environmental health inspection would have meant a loss in their live music licence. Fortunately, the volume was deemed to be acceptable and the venue was allowed to continue with live music.Frau Pouch even had to play an encore so that the inspectors could hear the noise from the flat of the person who’d made the original complaint!

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