Chris Garth From UpcDownC Writes…..

November 2, 2013

“This is call to all and any Medway pub, bar, cafe, club, venue, garage, warehouse, kitchen, ship, studio, rehearsal room, WW2 bunker, art studio, shop, house, Fort, woodland or whatever. These are places in which I have played or been to a show in over the years. We (Medway) are in dire need of somewhere like this to put shows on in. The Medway music scene is as huge and as diverse as it has always been and thanks to people like Motherboy etc it has become a place on the UK undergroung touring circuit for many bands on a stop gap from London, some of which have slept on the floor of my house. Times are shitty and everyone has their overheads, I get it but venues expecting bands to play for free, promoters to shell out costs for security and charging ridiculous prices for drinks is not the way forward. Most bands and promoters I know work nearly always towards just paying something towards petrol for the bands and not to line their own pockets. We all know the council won’t help unless it benefits them so Medway, I ask of you, there must be somewhere or someone who can help us with a space where we can put shows on without any worries of volume, drinks prices, PA/security costs etc where the minimal door costs go to getting the band to the next show or to record their next record. It’s a small ask and will benefit all the artists and musicians of this town. A few years ago, we played a small DIY Festival in a woods in Kent. That Festival has now grown in ArcTanGent so we know it works. If you agree, then please share. Rant over.”

Thanks for your support, Chris, and for putting it so poignantly.


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