It’s Terry Nutloaf (Greg from Punching Swans and Tom from The Parade) with their brutally glorious rendition of We All Stand Together, complete with bassy frog chorus. Amazing.

Get it here.

You can also download all the tracks in one zip file at that link.

Thanks to all of you for playing and supporting Motherboy Noise through this difficult but incredibly fun year. We hope to make 2015 even better! Merry Noisemas. xx



It’s Black Light Brigade doing ‘Little Drummer Boy’. A bit like the Slow Tail track from Day 9, this is another one for your Eraserhead themed Christmas dinner party.

Get it here.


Have some gorgeous post-rock from Upcdownc. This is the band that, many moons ago, got me into local music. If it weren’t for these guys, there’d probably be no Motherboy. So, thanks, dudes 🙂

Get ‘Will you there when I die hard? (ode to joy) here.


We’re going even darker for the weekend before Christmas with an industrial version of ‘White Christmas’ that wouldn’t sound out of place in Eraserhead. It’s by Slow Tail, a two piece consisting of Dan and Luke from Bear Vs Manero.

Get it here.


We bring you something awesomely heavy. It’s whitedevilwhitedevil with their original track ‘Whitechristmaswhitechristmas’. Enjoy. We certainly did.

Get it here


It’s the ever beautiful Screen Wives with their take on Wham!’s Last Christmas.

You might remember Screen Wives from the Skingasm Halloween gig. Hopefully they’ll be back next year to play more gigs for us.

Download the track here


It’s Intergluteal, a two piece formed by Pete (Bear Vs Manero, Bad Taxidermy) and Suzanne (Frau Pouch, Black Light Brigade) with a doom/post hardcore cover of Run The Jewels’ ‘A Christmas Fucking Miracle’.

Get it here!


We bring you Punching Swans and their balls out rocking version of Aled Jones’ The Snowman.

There may be a video coming soon. We’ll post it when we get a link.

Meanwhile, download the song here. It’s spiffing. Merry Noisemas, swanlings!


On the 4th Day of noisemas…it’s Bad Taxidermy with Rocking Around the Bad Taxidermy Bench. It’s very jolly, so sing along, kids.

Download it here


Funky Christmas Time! Day 3 brings you something you can shake your noisemas booty to.

Daz from Bear Vs Manero and Ollie of Frau Pouch and Kill Rpnzl have got together under the moniker ‘Don’t Make Me Funky, You Won’t Like Me When I’m Funky’ to record this beauty ‘Santa’s Got a Bag of Soul(s)’.

Lordy Lordy.

Get it here