14th March: Super Luxury, Ragweed, Punching Swans and Bear Vs Manero

March 14, 2015

We’re back with a super sexy live gig and it’s free entry!

Super Luxury are an awesome live band from Leeds. Noise rock in the key of Party. https://superluxury.bandcamp.com/

Ragweed are another awesome live band from Brighton. You might have seen them before because they’re pretty popular here. They’re touring with Punching Swans. They make beautiful heavy punky grungey stuff. https://ragweed.bandcamp.com/

Punching Swans are a local band on the Skingasm Records label who’ve recently had a session with DJ John Kennedy, Xfm and are about to embark on their first tour of the UK. https://punchingswans.bandcamp.com/

Bear vs Manero are also local and well known for their tasty moves and lungeing. They’ve got a new album out very soon and their new stuff is heavier than an osmium mammoth’s nutsack. You will like. https://bearvsmanero.bandcamp.com/

Poco Loco, Chatham/Rochester, doors at 8pm.


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