As part of the 3rd annual Homespun Festival celebrating independent music in Medway, we’re doing a stage at the Billabong, Rochester on Saturday July 25th. Doors at 6pm. It’ll be noisy!

In no particular order we have:

Bear vs Manero
Post Hardcore screaming meets Doom riffing all set to anthropomorphised animal-pugilism.

Hardcore acid punk – Aphex Twin meets Lightening Bolt.

Punching Swans
Heavy alt punk Medway 3 piece. Wonky riffs and sharp beaks.

Screen Wives
South London’s worst gay joke” – High-intensity post-hard/queercore 3-piece from London and Kent

WHITEDEVILWHITEDEVIL play downtuned two-guitar songs and drink beer. They are masters of karate and friendship, for everyone.

Silent Front
Heavy as rhino balls. They shook the wine off the shelves of the Wine Emporium next door last time they played. Safe geezers from Kingston.

Sweet Deals On Surgery
Noise pop scuzz punk from Manchester.

Entry £7.
That’s £1 a band. Bargain.
Everyone 18+ welcome, but no dickheads, please.

homespun mboy