On the 4th Day of noisemas…it’s Bad Taxidermy with Rocking Around the Bad Taxidermy Bench. It’s very jolly, so sing along, kids.

Download it here




Funky Christmas Time! Day 3 brings you something you can shake your noisemas booty to.

Daz from Bear Vs Manero and Ollie of Frau Pouch and Kill Rpnzl have got together under the moniker ‘Don’t Make Me Funky, You Won’t Like Me When I’m Funky’ to record this beauty ‘Santa’s Got a Bag of Soul(s)’.

Lordy Lordy.

Get it here



On the 2nd day of Noisemas….

December 14, 2014

Skinboy gives to you…..Kill Rpnzl’s insane reworking of Joy to the World. It makes me wanna watch Gremlins! They’re also playing our New Year’s Eve party at the Alex in Chatham. You should come to that. Anyway, go listen to their noisemas song here.



Getting into the season spirit, we’ve teamed up with noise label Skingasm to bring you a wonderful compilation of wonky reworkings of the christmas songs you know and love. Over the next 12 days, we’ll be releasing tracks by Medway bands that you can download and enjoy at your office parties or dinner with nan, or whatever it is you do at this time of year. Most of the tracks were recorded at Sunlight Studios, with others being recorded at the bands’ homes.

It’s a beautiful thing.

On the first day of Noisemas, Skinboy gives to you ….. some Pouchlings at an orgy.

Frau Pouch doing an Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster style version of ‘I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’. It gets dark. Download it now, because by tomorrow it will be gone!

Get it here!



New Year’s Eve Noise Party!

December 10, 2014

We’re teaming up with our lovely friends at Skingasm Records to host a night of noise rock and post punk at the Alexandra Pub in Chatham, just down the road from the station.

Local favourites Punching Swans will be playing. You can see their video for their most recent track Beach Party here:

Also playing are the fabulous proggy joyous duo Bad Taxidermy,  bringing improv and mad riffs, DIYOA (Chris from Pity Party), Sleep Society (Driver and Matt Bell, previous collaborators with the late Chris Austin), Frau Pouch (who’ve just released a split on Skingasm Records with Bear Vs Manero – available at Yee Naaldlooshii and the ever beautiful Kill Rpnzl.

There’ll be dj sets from both Skingasm and Motherboy, as well as from Punching Swans frontman Greg Webster. Entry is free! Starts at about 7.30pm, runs til late.

Facebook event.

 new years eve

We’re having a little Christmas gig with some of our old favourites and have decided to venture out to London for the first time in ages to inflict some beautiful noise upon the people of Dalston.

https://craigelliott.bandcamp.com/ – Fuzzy, Alt/Noise-Rock overjoyed with hyperactivity and paranoia
https://blacklightbrigade.bandcamp.com/ – regressive rock / no-fi
https://punchingswans.bandcamp.com/ – heavy math punk
https://bearvsmanero.bandcamp.com/ – riff monsters and histrionics
Drones 4u – noise drone collaboration from raxil4 & Cementimental

FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1562324833987591/

Doors at 7.30pm, entry £5. That’s a quid a band!

Hope to see you there.

xmas gig

A Very Skingasm Nightmare

November 3, 2014

Skingasm’s adventure in secret venue gigging!

Sometimes you just have to Die

[Edit: “Skingasm Halloween 2014 – Finding the Perfect Venue“: A film of the whole experience made by the outrageously sexy Screen Wives]


Let’s pick up this story at a happy moment – a pack of slightly nervous idiots parked up in the command-house carpark eating chips off the roof of Daz’s car.

Very soon they’ll be attempting an audacious break in to an undisclosed location (which will remain so – we’re not beaten yet!).


Skip forwards 30 minutes and the same pack of idiots is feeling even more nervous as they stand guiltily over their half-unpacked drums as a police car pulls up directly in front of them and it’s inhabitants commence to eating sandwiches and staring at them.

  “How could they have known?”

  “What do we do?”

We pretty quickly agree that we’re just stopping of to swap some gear around on…

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A Very Skingasm Nightmare

November 3, 2014


Our friends over at Skingasm recount the night we all tried to do a Halloween gig in a secret location! We ended up at the Alex, which hopefully will be our new home and we can start putting on great gigs again.

A Very Skingasm Nightmare.

After the success of Homespun, we’re returning with some more noise from Medway’s own Punching Swans, who are releasing an album on Skingasm Records. The album launch gig will take place on Friday, August 22nd at the Billabong, Rochester.

Punching Swans have enjoyed recent airplay on BBC radio One, 6 Music (from Tom Ravenscroft, son of Peel!), XFM and BBC Kent Introducing, and been featured on Clash Music and Echoes and Dust. The album’s available to stream here: http://notedmusic.co.uk/features/premiere-punching-swans-new-album-mollusc.html

You’ll be able to buy hard copies of the CD and beautiful limited edition tshirts at the gig. Entry’s a fiver.

Support comes from the unbelievable Shitwife, a breakbeat electro trash project from Wayne Adams of Ladyscraper and Henri Grimes of Shield Your Eyes. If you’re into experimental noise and AMAZING live drumming, you will love these guys. Think Squarepusher and Aphex Twin with a more approachable sense of humour.

Chris Dow of Wedding and Kind Eyes will be back with one of his side projects which promises to be impressive no matter what he’s doing. Plus, he looks like Thor….. always a bonus.


As usual, all welcome as long as you’re 18 and over and capable of respecting other people 🙂


So, we’re ridiculously excited to be getting none other than our favourite two piece That Fucking Tank down to play our stage as part of the 2nd Homespun Festival. Last year, for the first ever Homespun, we did an all dayer at the Singapora Lounge with 12 bands and it was an amazing success. For those of you who don’t already know, Homespun is a festival that a few promoters decided to start up in response to the local council’s failure to recognise the local independent music scene we have here. We wanted to create a music festival where the bands got paid rather than the promoters, and to showcase the creativity, uniqueness and skill of our local musicians. We also wanted to get some bands in who wouldn’t normally play these towns, so that people who don’t usually go to gigs can come along and see that there’s more to Medway than poundland nights and shitty pay-to-play battle of the bands nights where only the promoters really gain anything.

There’s some more info about the whole festival here: http://homespunmedway.com/blurb-2014/

Our particular stage takes place at the Billabong, Rochester, on Friday 25th July. We’ve got the amazing Leeds duo That Fucking Tank, who’ve recently been on tour supporting Foals. We’ve loved them hard, ever since we saw them play The British Wildlife Festival a good few years back.
Andy plays a specially tuned baritone guitar through guitar and bass amplifiers, James plays a minimal drum kit. Their novel name, energetic performances and extreme volume have had them perform all over Europe and the UK with brain-mangling regularity, sharing stages and tours with bands including Hella, Q and not U, Unsane, AIDS Wolf, Vialka, Nervous Kid, Don Caballero, Hoover, The Fucking Champs, Lightning Bolt, Melt Banana, The Fall, Bilge Pump, Foals, The Ex and the like. They like owls and are playing a gig at an owl sanctuary soon, which makes them wonderful human beans.


Bear vs Manero are a much adored, and quite rightly so, 4 piece from Medway/Haywards Heath/London. They bring us bass porn, monster riffs, kickass dance moves and physics-defying drumming combined with discordian principles and songs about christmas dinners. Seeing them play makes us happy in our pants. They also love cats, which is an excellent indicator of awesomeness.


Punching Swans, a frantic mathy 3 piece from Medway and London write songs about sea creatures and rhinos wearing inappropriate footwear. They mix Shellac/Kong style bass riffs with weirdarse guitar squeals and mad frantic fills that Stewart Copeland would be proud of.
Listening to them has an intense effect on my sympathetic nervous system and I’m gonna need a fuckload of digoxin if I’m to keep my heart rate under control after a dose of these dudes.


The Consortium Of Dead Souls manufacture sublime, epochal soundscapes to feed the famished void heads and the wretched drug addled damned. This Medway 4 piece bring us beautiful intensity that makes us go all dreamy and misty eyed in a comforting cocoon of synaesthesia. In a black hole. Scary gorgeous.

Tickets: £5 adv/£6 on the door, get them here: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/267775

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/301744806656472/