So, we’re ridiculously excited to be getting none other than our favourite two piece That Fucking Tank down to play our stage as part of the 2nd Homespun Festival. Last year, for the first ever Homespun, we did an all dayer at the Singapora Lounge with 12 bands and it was an amazing success. For those of you who don’t already know, Homespun is a festival that a few promoters decided to start up in response to the local council’s failure to recognise the local independent music scene we have here. We wanted to create a music festival where the bands got paid rather than the promoters, and to showcase the creativity, uniqueness and skill of our local musicians. We also wanted to get some bands in who wouldn’t normally play these towns, so that people who don’t usually go to gigs can come along and see that there’s more to Medway than poundland nights and shitty pay-to-play battle of the bands nights where only the promoters really gain anything.

There’s some more info about the whole festival here:

Our particular stage takes place at the Billabong, Rochester, on Friday 25th July. We’ve got the amazing Leeds duo That Fucking Tank, who’ve recently been on tour supporting Foals. We’ve loved them hard, ever since we saw them play The British Wildlife Festival a good few years back.
Andy plays a specially tuned baritone guitar through guitar and bass amplifiers, James plays a minimal drum kit. Their novel name, energetic performances and extreme volume have had them perform all over Europe and the UK with brain-mangling regularity, sharing stages and tours with bands including Hella, Q and not U, Unsane, AIDS Wolf, Vialka, Nervous Kid, Don Caballero, Hoover, The Fucking Champs, Lightning Bolt, Melt Banana, The Fall, Bilge Pump, Foals, The Ex and the like. They like owls and are playing a gig at an owl sanctuary soon, which makes them wonderful human beans.

Bear vs Manero are a much adored, and quite rightly so, 4 piece from Medway/Haywards Heath/London. They bring us bass porn, monster riffs, kickass dance moves and physics-defying drumming combined with discordian principles and songs about christmas dinners. Seeing them play makes us happy in our pants. They also love cats, which is an excellent indicator of awesomeness.

Punching Swans, a frantic mathy 3 piece from Medway and London write songs about sea creatures and rhinos wearing inappropriate footwear. They mix Shellac/Kong style bass riffs with weirdarse guitar squeals and mad frantic fills that Stewart Copeland would be proud of.
Listening to them has an intense effect on my sympathetic nervous system and I’m gonna need a fuckload of digoxin if I’m to keep my heart rate under control after a dose of these dudes.

The Consortium Of Dead Souls manufacture sublime, epochal soundscapes to feed the famished void heads and the wretched drug addled damned. This Medway 4 piece bring us beautiful intensity that makes us go all dreamy and misty eyed in a comforting cocoon of synaesthesia. In a black hole. Scary gorgeous.

Tickets: £5 adv/£6 on the door, get them here:

Facebook event:




We’re teaming up with other promoters so that we can afford to use the few remaining venues left in Medway which will allow loud, amplified music with drums. This Saturday sees us collaborating with the Junk Depository to put on a gig featuring four local bands at the Billabong Club in Rochester.

Bear Vs Manero: amazing heavy riffs and witty lyrics with lunging and flailing.

Punching Swans: frantic mathy alt rock with overdriven bass.

Black Light Brigade: experimental drone

Consortium of Dead Souls (with Fucked Future and Bjorn Veno) : experimental soundscapes
Entry £4. Over 18s only. Doors 8pm.


Due to uncertainty over issues with venues and noise abatement orders being issued all over Rochester, we haven’t been able to promote this gig as well as we’d have liked to. However, now that we’ve been told we’re ok, it’s all going ahead as usual at the Singapora Lounge on Sat 14th September.

Many of us have been heavily influenced by Sonic Youth in our music and we wanted to show our appreciation and just have a cool night where we all get together and play some covers with our own takes on them. So we got together with the amazing UpcDownc to organise a night where we do exactly that. Expect feedback, noise and a lot of singalong enjoyment.

Bands taking part include: Upcdownc, Kill RPNZL, Frau Pouch, Punching Swans, The Reactor Core is Splendid, Future Echoes and Pity Party,

Free entry, Singapora Lounge, Rochester, 8pm. All welcome.


Another night of free, amazing music at The Nags Head, Rochester.

Honey Ride Me a Goat
Sexy twaddlecore straight outta the garden of England.

HRMAG have occasionally been known to play shows and and record with cool stuff like:

Dysrhythmia, OXES, Upsilon Acrux, Noxagt, Qui, Weasel Walter, Hugh Hopper, Z’EV, Sonny Simmons Trio, Aufgehoben, a.P.A.t.T, Le Singe Blanc, That Fucking Tank, Bilge Pump, Nought, Yolk, Picore, Poino, Hot Club de Paris, DJ Scotch Egg, Ceephax & loads more

Praise for Udders:

“At various times, it brings to mind everyone from DNA to Don Caballero, Molecules to Beefheart, Melt-Banana to Elliott Sharp. Combining complex rhythmic interplay with noisy textural scrapes, the trio rocks in the most abstract way, and has a brilliant way of transitioning from high-speed squawk to melodic passages that can be pretty in an off-kilter way” DUSTED

Mount Fuji
Formerly Conquistadors until some cretin got all butthurt about them using ‘his’ name. This is great melodic math pop from Birmingham.

Musical Mathematics says this about them, and we agree.
“If you’re out of the loop, Mount Fuji (formally Conquistadors) are a four-piece band from Birmingham who play some of the most amazing fuzzy post-hardcore riffs you’ve ever heard…”

Toy Knives

First gig from these guys, featuring the wonderfully creative mind of Ben Sammon and the beautiful hair of Aaron Ecoli. We stole this fromk their facebook page: “We chew batteries and drink bleach. A new band from medway made from old. We’re in the process of writing music so watch this space. We met through the mutual interest of staring at laptops and playing instruments.”
But yeah, if you liked Chairs Missing and Play Dead Proxy, you’ll probably enjoy Toy Knives.

Everyone welcome as long as they don’t behave like dicks. Image

We’re teaming up with Manny’s Music for a Halloween party at the Singapora Lounge in Rochester. It’ll be our first night there, so we don’t know what to expect but we hope it’ll be very successful as it’s a wonderful venue. The gig itself will be in the intimate basement space which we feel will be just right for our nights. It reminds us of the first DIY nights we ever went to in Camden at the Constitution where Rip This Joint held their gig nights.

The line up is as follows:

Silent Front
London’s long-standing DIY stalwarts Silent Front have been hawking an abrasive blend of post-punk and hardcore for over a decade. The last 2 years has seen SF recruit a new drummer, release a split 7″ (with Shield Your Eyes) and a full length (Dead Lake), start a record label (Triplejump) and tour Europe and the UK extensively – playing the Camden Crawl and Moorfest as well as shows with the likes of The Hope Conspiracy, Black Elk, Pneu, Hey Colossus, Bilge Pump
and That Fucking Tank.

Debut medway gig from the creators of intense and creepy soundscapes.

Iron Frau
‘Supergroup’ formed from members of Iron Iron and Frau Pouch. Like the Melvins, but with tits.

Dressing up for Halloween will be heartily encouraged!

Facebook event here:

The Nag’s Head. Free entry as usual.

This night will have an alt electronica vibe with casios, loop pedals and vintage drum kits.

One Man Team Dance are a two piece from High Wycombe, whose energetic live show has earned them fans throughout the UK, USA and Europe. Their frantic drumming and insane casio keyboard hooks make for something special and unique indeed. Not to be missed! Go listen to them here:

Theo (Loops of Death) is a one man band from London and puts on an astonishing performance. His soundcloud bio says “Taut, chugging guitar loops layer up with frenetic tapping patterns that interweave in spiralling complexity before near sub-atomically precise, powerhouse drumming clatters and builds each song into juggernaut of riffs and rhythms. To achieve something like this recorded is one thing, but to see Theo perform live is quite another as each song blurs into the next and the dazzling guitar and drum acrobatics leave jaws sagging on the faces of all who bear witness to the talent on offer. ”

Having seen Theo play, I can say that’s a pretty accurate description!

Local support comes in the form of Ben Sammon’s alt electronica project Chairs Missing. Eclectically influenced, Ben’s tracks are an impressive mix of dubstep, seapunk, reggae and drum and bass.

Should be a great night!


Joe’s working on some flyers for the gigs right now, but just to give you some idea, here are the dates and bands confirmed so far:

July 27th: The Carpenters Arms, Rochester.

Mayors of Miyazaki – this is math rock at its finest. We had them over from their home town of Kingston last year and people were blown away by them. So, they’re back by popular demand!

Yokozuna – noisy alt punk in the vein of Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr, with extra distortion and frantic drumming. AND NYAN CAT BASS STRAP AWESOMENESS! These guys are so much fan, can’t wait to see them again.

Ragweed – filthy new wave post punk from Brighton. Lots of fun.

and finally Frau Pouch, Medway’s shambolic sci-fi based purveyors of art punk.


August 3rd – The Nags Head, Rochester

Fish Tank alt math pop, getting a lot of interest from BBC Introducing right now.

Frau Pouchgarage art punk

These Guilty Men – a project by Simon Bunyan

Greg Webster – Greg from Houdini doing an intense acoustic set.

Aug 18th – The Carpenters Arms

Let’s Get Weird! A night of experimental madness with Cutthroat Convention

Sly and the Family Drone –

Iron Iron – pedal based madness similar to That Fucking Tank and Friendship.

The Reactor Core is Splendid –


Aug 31st – The Nags Head, Rochester

Stuart Turner and the Flat Earth Society unsettling art blues.

The Baron Von Marlon – wonderfully noisy alt folk.

Randy Marsh – a side project between Greg from Houdini, Joe from Frau Pouch and Pablo (formerly of the Contortionists). Raucous riffage in the vein of That Fucking Tank, Please and DFA79.

More coming up in September, details to follow at a later date.






Next night: July 6th

June 24, 2012

Free gig featuring the awesome Delta Sleep and Kidnapped Kids.