A Very Skingasm Nightmare

November 3, 2014

Skingasm’s adventure in secret venue gigging!

Sometimes you just have to Die

[Edit: “Skingasm Halloween 2014 – Finding the Perfect Venue“: A film of the whole experience made by the outrageously sexy Screen Wives]


Let’s pick up this story at a happy moment – a pack of slightly nervous idiots parked up in the command-house carpark eating chips off the roof of Daz’s car.

Very soon they’ll be attempting an audacious break in to an undisclosed location (which will remain so – we’re not beaten yet!).


Skip forwards 30 minutes and the same pack of idiots is feeling even more nervous as they stand guiltily over their half-unpacked drums as a police car pulls up directly in front of them and it’s inhabitants commence to eating sandwiches and staring at them.

  “How could they have known?”

  “What do we do?”

We pretty quickly agree that we’re just stopping of to swap some gear around on…

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A Very Skingasm Nightmare

November 3, 2014


Our friends over at Skingasm recount the night we all tried to do a Halloween gig in a secret location! We ended up at the Alex, which hopefully will be our new home and we can start putting on great gigs again.

A Very Skingasm Nightmare.