Homespun 2016

July 4, 2016



Joeyfat are from Tunbridge Wells. The music they make springs from the duo that originally formed the band – the skewed spoken word meanderings of M Edward Cole, the knotweed dozen-riffs-a-song compositions of Jason Dormon over circuit-bent percussion. They describe their lives shows as “a mixture of science lecture and poorly-performed morality play to a soundtrack of a skipping CD player. Something like that anyway.”  Signed to Unlabel.


Playing mainly instrumental, pretty, heavy, fuzzy, noisy, synthy guitar based rock since 2000. This band are Medway favourites, giving us film soundtracks, post rock beauty and a solid reason to go to the first ever ArcTanGent festival. Signed to Skingasm.


An eclectic three piece from Medway mixing elements of post hardcore, post punk and a little bit of math rock to create an off kilter, half-melodic, half- discordant sound. Signed to Skingasm.

Sex Cells

Primal synth/drums duo playing simple, gut level pop songs reminiscent of Suicide, The Fall, Gary Numan and St Etienne. Signed to Pretty Ugly Records.


Gorgeous, noisy, mathy , pop tunes from members of Bear Vs Manero, Punching Swans and Lost Film Foundation.  Signed to Skingasm.

Entry is £5.

This year’s festival is dedicated to Louise Micklewright, one of our Homespun Festival founders, who passed away in April this year.  We’re naming our stage The Fudgey Lou Stage in her honour.