Another night of free, amazing music at The Nags Head, Rochester.

Honey Ride Me a Goat
Sexy twaddlecore straight outta the garden of England.

HRMAG have occasionally been known to play shows and and record with cool stuff like:

Dysrhythmia, OXES, Upsilon Acrux, Noxagt, Qui, Weasel Walter, Hugh Hopper, Z’EV, Sonny Simmons Trio, Aufgehoben, a.P.A.t.T, Le Singe Blanc, That Fucking Tank, Bilge Pump, Nought, Yolk, Picore, Poino, Hot Club de Paris, DJ Scotch Egg, Ceephax & loads more

Praise for Udders:

“At various times, it brings to mind everyone from DNA to Don Caballero, Molecules to Beefheart, Melt-Banana to Elliott Sharp. Combining complex rhythmic interplay with noisy textural scrapes, the trio rocks in the most abstract way, and has a brilliant way of transitioning from high-speed squawk to melodic passages that can be pretty in an off-kilter way” DUSTED

Mount Fuji
Formerly Conquistadors until some cretin got all butthurt about them using ‘his’ name. This is great melodic math pop from Birmingham.

Musical Mathematics says this about them, and we agree.
“If you’re out of the loop, Mount Fuji (formally Conquistadors) are a four-piece band from Birmingham who play some of the most amazing fuzzy post-hardcore riffs you’ve ever heard…”

Toy Knives

First gig from these guys, featuring the wonderfully creative mind of Ben Sammon and the beautiful hair of Aaron Ecoli. We stole this fromk their facebook page: “We chew batteries and drink bleach. A new band from medway made from old. We’re in the process of writing music so watch this space. We met through the mutual interest of staring at laptops and playing instruments.”
But yeah, if you liked Chairs Missing and Play Dead Proxy, you’ll probably enjoy Toy Knives.

Everyone welcome as long as they don’t behave like dicks. Image